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“Great job, Chantel.” — A clinical laboratory medicine technologist in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Way to go Chantel! You rock! Keep up the good work.” —A histotechnician in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Kudos to Chantel and her commitment to safety!” — An assistant professor and laboratory staff education and development manager in Jacksonville, Fla.
“A great example of Mayo’s commitment to patient safety. Well done Chantel!” — A clinical laboratory supervisor in Jacksonville, Fla.
“That is amazing! Fantastic job, Chantel! What a positive outcome for that patient, and all due to her spot-on approach!” — A donor services technician in Rochester, Minn.
“Great job, Chantel! It’s great to hear how the work being done behind the scenes in the laboratory impacts a positive outcome for a patient.” — A laboratory quality assurance specialist in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Great job, Chantel!” — A cytotechnologist in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Way to go! Those fungal elements can be very difficult to identify, especially under pressure in the procedure room! So proud!” — A cytology specialist and biospecimen technologist in Rochester, Minn.
“Wonderful story. Chantel, you uphold Mayo Clinic’s values, and you are a person who truly cares about the patient. Great job!” — A senior communications specialist in Rochester, Minn.
“Nicely done, Chantel! Great job!” — A research technology in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Amazing story. Great job, Chantel!” — A biomanufacturing specialist in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Excellent work! So proud of our cytotechnologists!” — An anatomic pathology consultant in Rochester, Minn.
“Great work, Chantel! Thank you.” — An allergy and pulmonary medicine consultant in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Great catch and follow-up! Mayo has some outstanding people behind the microscope; it’s nice to have their work recognized because it is so important for our patients!” — A clinical microbiology and bacteriology technician in Rochester, Minn.
“Thank you for your great work, Chantel and Dr. Geiger. So proud of both of you!” — A hematology and oncology consultant in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Great job, Chantel, you are amazing! My family member is in school right now for laboratory science. Is there a way I can share this article with her outside of Mayo?” — A healthcare documentation assistant in Rochester, Minn.
Note: I replied to this question by emailing a print version to the commenter.
“Way to go, Chantel!” — A laboratory quality assurance specialist in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Great job, Chantel!!!” — A cytotechnologist in Jacksonville, Fla.
“Outstanding find and follow-up. Mayo cytotechnologists and pathology are the best!” — An operations administrator for the Center for Individualized Medicine in Rochester, Minn.
“Way to go Chantel!!!!! You rock!” — A histotechnologist in Jacksonville, Fla.
“That could have been a relative of mine… you saved this patient and his/her family from anxiety and expense with your diligence! Excellent work!” — An information desk attendant in Rochester, Minn.
“Great job Chantel, you’re always going above and beyond!” — A cytotechnologist in Jacksonville, Fla.

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