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Securing the Right Experiences

Fare's Article

Olafare Olagbaju ’16 is a Xavier economics alumnus whose active community participation earned him two immediate job opportunities as an organizing fellow with the Ohio Democratic Party and a year-of-service client advocate for the Cincinnati branch of Saint Vincent de Paul.

Olagbaju found that volunteering and getting involved with campus activities helped him meet influential people. As an international student from Nigeria, he first earned a position on the board of African Students Association and became a Manresa orientation volunteer.

He was later introduced to a student who encouraged him to participate in Xavier’s Student Government Association. Their three-member team ran a successful campaign and won the overall student election for president, vice president and secretary in 2015.

Olagbaju currently works in the social services department of Saint Vincent de Paul. He splits his shifts between 20 hours as a client advocate in the office and 20 hours in the community as a co-leader for a program called “Getting Ahead.” Olagbaju serves as a supportive counselor who searches for factors that may affect an individual’s situation, and he explores resources to help that person.

He advises students to keep an open mind when considering job opportunities and make sure their experiences align with particular career interests.

“As long as you work hard to find an opportunity that challenges you and offers a chance for personal growth, don’t be afraid to approach it,” Olagbaju said. “Ultimately, make sure that whatever you sign up to do is the right fit for you and a successful career.”

Written by Emily Linginfelter

 Public Relations, Advertising and Digital Media, ’17

 2016-17 Communications Intern

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