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Spring 2017

Xavier University “Your Future Today!” Magazine | Spring 2017 

After the Xavier CDO Communications Assistant transitioned careers, the staff asked if I could take a lead role in publishing the next issue of the bi-annual “Your Future Today!” magazine. Through Adobe InDesign and Illustrator, I filled in missing pages with new articles and page layouts; edited and revised the articles, content and designs; checked proofs of the publications; and printed 600 copies of the magazine before the target deadline.

1. Securing the Right Experiences – I met with Fare Olagbaju at Saint Vincent de Paul of Greater Cincinnati to discuss his steps to becoming a Year of Service client advocate and organizing fellow for the Ohio Democratic Party. Roles: Point of contact, interviewer, transcriber, writer, editor, photographer and page layout designer

2. Three Principles of a Career Launch – I met with Abbie Sumbrum at the Ohio District Office of Congressman Brad Wenstrup to discuss her career journey that led Sumbrum to her current position as a caseworker. She also shared general tips for starting a career. Roles: Point of contact, interviewer, transcriber, writer, editor, photographer and page layout designer

3. Inside Look: Working for Disney – Due to locations and conflicting schedules, Ashley Arndt and I communicated through email for her article. We discussed Ardnt’s cast member internship with Walt Disney World and advice for applying to an internationally competitive program. Roles: Point of contact, interviewer, transcriber, editor and page layout designer

Career ConneXions Newsletters – These career development newsletters were sent to more than 11,000 students via email. Roles: Content collector, writer, editor and publisher

  1. April: Summer Summer Edition | 4.10.2017
  2. March: Education Career Fair Edition | 3.20.2017
  3. February: Career Fair Edition | 2.6.2017

Career ConneXions Blog – I determined the content and presentation of the Xavier CDO blog posts, which accompany the Career ConneXions newsletters and additionally disseminate on the LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter accounts. Each article delivered contextual advice and helpful resources that complemented the Xavier CDO event calendar. Roles: Content collector, writer, editor and publisher

Spring 2017 Social Media Plan – Similarly to the”Your Future Today!” magazine,  I developed, executed and measured a social media plan for the Xavier CDO Twitter and Facebook accounts that lasts from December 2017 – September 2018. I used Canva, Hootsuite, Facebook Analytics and Twitter Analytics as the primary tools for this project. Roles: Content collector, content creator, information disseminator and digital media analyst.

“Helpful Tools, Infographics and Knowledge Boosters” | 4.19.2017 – During the role transitions and job training, I created a padfolio that contained a handwritten welcome letter, primary contact information and useful resources for the marketing and communications intern successor. I saved this particular artifact onto the office’s cloud-based file as a future reference for other staff members, interns and student workers.

Fall 2016 

WP Portfolio_ Xavier Newswire

1. Article Samples

2. References

Xavier Exhibit Achieves Global Acclaim | 11.4.2015

To whom it may concern:

I think that Emily wrote an excellent article on the Blessing exhibit for the November 4 edition of the Newswire. More than that, however, I wish to commend her for her professionalism and thoughtfulness. Because I am in Philadelphia, our communications were conducted electronically. Emily asked good questions of me; she always respond promptly and appropriately to emails; she kept me informed of publication changes; and she sent me a handwritten thank-you for contributing information for the article. I am deeply impressed by the care, thoughtfulness, and professional follow-through she displayed. You have an excellent staff writer, who, I am sure, will be a valued employee and team member of whatever institution or company that hires her upon graduation.”


William Madges, Ph.D.
Professor, Department of Theology and Religious Studies
Saint Joseph’s University

Pageant Benefits Personal Charity | 11.18.2015

Within ten days of being published, “Pageant Benefits Personal Charity” circulated 244 times through social media. It reached the communication managers of the national Williams Syndrome Association (WSA), and they posted the link onto the nonprofit’s official Facebook page.

Ingber: “I Will Never Forget”| 9.23.2015


The article was outstanding. You certainly captured my energy and passion. Of course I am grateful for the front page as well- but given the recent visit of Pope Francis, that did make sense. In any case, the glow of my audience and the opportunity to speak and to touch the Holy Father was only enhanced by your beautiful article.

Thank you.

Rabbi Abie Ingber
Director, Center for Interfaith Community Engagement
Xavier University

WP Portfolio_ Undergraduate Work

I. Writing Samples

II. Presentations

III. Digital Designs

WP Portfolio_ PRSSA

I. Public Relations Director | 2015 – 2016

A. Social Media Strategies

  • Upload Xavier PRSSA photographs, tag club members and publish captions on social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter)
  • Follow, repost and promote content from the Xavier community, neighboring PRSSA chapters, Cincinnati Public Relations Society of America (PRSA), Cincinnati PRSA New Professionals, and local businesses and organizations
  • Tag collaborative organizations, businesses, clubs and departments during event advertisements
  • Create hashtags that correspond to PRSSA and Xavier events
  • Share job, internship and volunteer opportunities in Cincinnati
  • Reference current events, trends and pop culture while delivering messages
  • Photoshop image macros to occasionally complement chapter information

C. Selected Posts

  • Click here to view selected PRSSA social media posts.

Content Updated Monday, 3.27.2017

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