Too Many Emails? Use These Proven Techniques | Outlook Tips Included by Leila Gharani

Manage your inbox so you can be more productive and less stressed! I’ll share email management techniques that help you get organized. You’ll also learn time management techniques to instantly put more time into your day and easily manage your Outlook Inbox. Does the “Inbox Zero” method work? “Inbox Zero” gave me anxiety so I had to find other ways to manage my emails. The method I share in the video is the best of all approaches I’ve tried. With these Outlook tips, you’ll be able to increase your productivity. You’ll also learn important Microsoft Outlook tips and techniques to tame your inbox.

Aside from getting control of your inbox, you’ll also learn Outlook email organization best practices:

  • Outlook “Quick Steps” and “Quick Steps” shortcuts
  • Creating a smart folder in Outlook
  • Using rules in outlook and conditionality formatting Outlook emails

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